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What's Included

We act as a reliable reference for your startup due diligence providing weekly office hours, mastermind groups, dev sprint cohorts & challenges, curated community lectures, actionable insights, tips, tools, marketing support, and much more!

2x weekly office hours & group mentoring

Community forum

Tracking tool to increase investability

Accountability support

Mastermind groups – on focused topics

High quality guest speakers on relavant topics

Corporate connections

Investor Matching

Healthy startup environment

Our awesome features

Building a startup is hard.
Let's make it easier.

You are as strong as your network

Imagine surrounding yourself with other ambitious founders, getting feedback on your ideas, having your pressing questions answered, receiving advice from other builders, and making connections to your next potential investors.

Accountability and Support Drives Success

Startups that are pressure tested with accountability are more likely to be successful, and faster. Our community model is designed to help increase your likelihood and speed of success, based on what’s been most helpful for other startups.

Go further together

Join our supportive community, built for early-stage startup founders and the particular challenges they face, with more than 80 members who've joined already. We vet every member, making each founder apply through our application form to ensure it remains a great environment for everyone.

Our awesome features

Accelerate your success

The first startup tool to help you build and understand your credibility.

Startup Profiles

  • Confidential Investment & Product Readiness Checklist & Scoring
  • Due diligence checking
  • Badges to quickly show your strengths

Community Space

In our online forum you ask about:
  • Questions about fundraising
  • Hiring
  • Tech Questions
  • Beta Testing Solicitation


All this and more:
  • Learn from founders how they have grown to $100M in revenue, built unicorns, beat the competition, gained sponsorhip and more!
  • Discuss psychology of empowerment
  • 1-2 Week sprints to complete parts of your startup

Cheat Sheets & Resource LIsts

  • Questions to consider for each aspect of your business (coming soon!)
  • Questions to consider for each aspect of your business (coming soon!)


  • Gain Beta Testers and announce launches
  • Add announcements to our press-release updates with direct connections to top media journalists

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Startup profile

One of the biggest things startups are missing is a way to get to know a startup at first glance. We reliably help you to put your best foot forward. Earn badges & recommendations based on your product, how you engage in the community and the impact your company is having. For example: How long it took you to build your MVP, vetted product testimonials, as well as industry comparison all at one glance. We can help to provide real authentic intros, and let them know about one of the most important aspects of being a founder: grit.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Types of Resources & Support

Monthly progress checkins Pitchdeck feedback Cultivated list of freelance & company support services Beta test sign-ups Email templates Campaign formats A/B launch learnings Viral and partner led growth support Business model support Mental health best practices Worksite wellness recommendations Ways to reduce bias Understand what statistically matters to make startups succcessful Investor Matching

Mini Stints

These + many more

Build a Future Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

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Who we are

We are a group of founders that have participated in top accelerator programs and built international companies creating this for fellow founders. We have a broad network of entrepreneurs experienced in Prototyping and MVP, GTM, co-founder matching, product market fit, fundraising and much more! This was started after finding there was really no sensical startup investment advice or metrics tracking to see what worked, only influencers who are very often incorrect. We are on a mission to help understand what works and what doesn't work to run successful companies, startups and scale-ups.

Pricing that fits every stage

Whether you are just starting or have a growing startup * Prices increase for applicants after Feb 1.

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For anyone to get started
$0 / month
  • General Startup Profile
  • 1 Accountability Tool
  • 1 Newsletter Sign-Up
  • Attend live network events
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For solopreneurs, bootstrappers, early stage startups. By invitation only.
$25 / month
  • Everything in Free
  • Access to Community Forum & Network
  • Startup Checklists
  • Attend Office Hours
  • Exclusive Cultivated Events
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$83 / month
  • Everything in Startup
  • Dedicated 1:1 Mentorship Time (30 mins/week) via email or video chat
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Investors & VC
Want to reduce bias? Understand what metrics matter to startup success?
$825 / month
  • Investor Profile
  • Be added to matching tool
  • Unbiased DD discount pricing
  • Checklist of how to reduce bias and what statistically increases likelihood of fund ROI* With Yearly only & non-refundable
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